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Fixing Google Chrome's 'Not Enough Space' Error

If you're a user of Google Chrome, you may encounter an error that says 'Not enough space to run Google Chrome'. This error can be frustrating, especially if you have enough space on your device. But why does this error occur? In this article, we will explore the possible causes and solutions to fixing this error.

Possible Causes of 'Not Enough Space' Error

The 'Not enough space to run Google Chrome' error can occur for various reasons. Some of the most common causes include:

Limited disk space Corrupted files or incomplete downloads Incompatible chrome extensions Outdated software or chrome version Malware or virus infections

Solutions to Fix 'Not Enough Space' Error

If you encounter this error, try following these solutions:

Close Unused Tabs

Chrome can consume a lot of memory, and if you have many tabs opened, this can lead to the 'Not enough space' error. Try closing unused tabs to clear up memory space.

Delete Unnecessary Files

Limited disk space can be a cause of the error. Try deleting unnecessary files and folders to create more empty space on your storage device.

Update Chrome to Latest Version

Outdated software or chrome version can cause errors, including the 'Not enough space' error. Make sure you're using the latest chrome version by checking the Chrome settings and updating if necessary.

Disable Incompatible Extensions

Chrome extensions can sometimes cause compatibility issues leading to errors. Disable any chrome extensions that you think might be causing the 'Not enough space' error and restart your browser.

Scan for Malware or Virus Infections

Malware or virus infections can cause serious harm to your system, including the 'Not enough space' error. Scan your device for any malware or virus infections and remove them to solve the issue.


There are several reasons why you might get the 'Not enough space to run Google Chrome' error, but by following these solutions, you can fix the error and continue using Chrome for your surfing needs. Remember to use your device's storage and resources efficiently to avoid any further errors.

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